Dental Wellness Center Mission

Dental Wellness Center Mission

This website contains over 100 articles that Dr. McBride has written during the continual evolution of the Dental Wellness Center. This article, The Essence of The Dental Wellness Center, will describe the distinctness of the practice, its philosophy and its offerings that make it truly unique! It would benefit the reader to read this article first which is an all-encompassing approach to the Dental Wellness Center.  >> Click Here <<   to Read THE ESSENCE OF THE DENTAL WELLNESS CENTER before continuing to browse other articles. Enjoy!

Dental Wellness Center Mission

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2018-08-07 | Download PDF small PDF icon

The mission of The Dental Wellness Center is to educate potential patients with a high interest in learning about the nature of their oral system to such a degree that they can make informed choices about its future. It was built upon principles that support sustained oral health based upon years of research. Early in his dental career, its founder, Dr. Robert P. McBride soon came to realize that most of his new patients’ dental problems stemmed from what they hadn’t been taught, as well as past dentistry performed without consideration of the teeth being only one element of an intricate system comprised of many others designed by Mother Nature to work in harmony. Through the years, based upon his own research and that of his mentors in analyzing the mouth as an integrated system, he realized that fine, long lasting dental treatment involves a patient learning process resulting in their becoming partners in their success. He also realized that integral to success, a patient needs to have or develop a sincere interest in attaining and maintaining the highest level of oral health, Dr. McBride restructured his practice to offer his patients an opportunity to learn the nature of the uniqueness of their oral state – its assets as well as its liabilities. Since this transition he has yet to find a new patient indicating ever having had such a thorough review. This has impelled him to continue learning effective ways to educate patients about their mouths so that they can have control over its future. Aspects that influence one’s oral health:

  • Genetics

– genetic predisposition to gum disease

– decay susceptibility

– oral function, i.e., teeth to teeth and TMJ relationship

  • Patient interest in becoming healthy
  • Nutrition
  • Nature of past dentistry:

– conservative past treatment or “over-treated” teeth

–  safety and strength of materials used

–  improper design of the functional surfaces of past fillings and crowns that interfere with proper positioning of the TMJ’s

– Past orthodontic treatment that may have straightened the teeth, but performed  without regard to the proper positioning of the TMJ’s

In a nutshell, Dr. McBride has discovered that attaining oral health is a blend of high patient interest, education, thorough assessments, proper preventive and treatment protocols guided by the assessments founded on well-established biological principles. If you have the interest, we have the solutions.

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